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The Region where we work lies in the southern most part of Tamil Nadu and the district is called Tirunelveli. The region is popular for its tourist destinations, many temples and has its own cultural heritage. The region is barren and dry and Arid, with hot summers. The district was very communal in the 80’s and early 90’s making large scale migration to many metropolitan cities, particularly to Mumbai, Chennai etc.

The estimated population in the area where we serve is according to census 2011, Tirunelveli had population of 3,072,880 of which male and female were 1,518,595 and 1,554,285 respectively. Tirunelveli District has the dubious distinction of being high HIV Prevalent District in Tamil Nadu.

In the day time the coastal regions are cooler than the interior parts by about a degree  the mean daily maximum temperature is 37.1 degree Celsius.  The weather   is quite hot in May and June and the maximum temperature sometimes reaches 45 degree Celsius.    

Udavum Ullangal is a Non Profit, Non Religious and Non Judgemental organization committed and inclined towards the welfare of the community with special emphasis and focus on children, women in distress and in crisis situations by providing them a comprehensive range of services.

The organization takes great pride in meeting the needs of very underprivileged children by providing Shelter, Education, Nutrition, Spiritual and Recreational Support. Though the needs and demands of the children are varied and vast, the organization does it outmost to fulfill them. The organization is well known and is ably supported by a very dedicated team of Trustees, Friends and well wishers.